Green Project Tech

Founded in 2020, Green Project has an established a presence in the US, EU, Australia and South America and have been coined the “QuickBooks of ESG Accounting.” They have assembled an experienced team which includes successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders with expertise from Goldman Sachs, Malk Partners, Oliver Wyman, UBS, Plaid, QuickBooks and many more. Our founders saw the next phase of ESG requirements moving towards the private markets for private equity firms and supply chain companies and created a solution to make those reporting requirements easy and accessible. Green Project connects to 12,000+ utilities around the world. Its Platform is secure, compliant, and automated.

For Scope 3 Emissions – Green Project can automatically connect your financial accounting software or offer excel templates, whichever is easier for your business.

For Social and Governance Data – Green Project has devised a pre-set survey for the leading frameworks that can also customize questions for portfolios or supply chain companies.

For GPs and Supply Chain Managers – Green Project has created a customized portfolio and supply chain management dashboard which allows clients to visualize, benchmark and download reports across businesses by industry or fund