Resiliency as a Service™

Critical Support for Your Critical Infrastructure

Microgrids Address the Demands of Our Changing Climate & Energy Environment

Created in partnership with Connexus, RaaS is an industry-leading, turnkey suite of professionally managed energy generation assets and maintenance architecture – a microgrid – designed to operate in conjunction with the broader utility grid and function as a “stand alone” system as required, with a unique capability we call “Islanding.”

A bespoke suite of services and architecture that can be configured as required to meet the needs of every client, including end-to-end service — from project development through equipment acquisition, installation, operations, and carbon emission/footprint analysis.

Comprehensive carbon analysis initially measures carbon footprint – past, present, and future – with a full-spectrum emissions analysis that empowers clients to begin (or accelerate) their transition to more sustainable operating practices.

Permanent energy equipment dedicated at the host facility with a combination of 24/7 remote professional monitoring, and regular maintenance with “up to the minute” data on broader grid operations, delivering 99.9%+ uptime and energy resiliency.

Contingencies for any externality – be it heavy weather, episodic power issues, or catastrophic grid failures – the RaaS suite can be taken on and off the utility grid seamlessly, keeping your power uninterrupted with flexible project financing, and no upfront capital costs.

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