Lynda Hamilton

Lynda Hamilton joined LIATI Group, LLC in 2020.

Ms. Hamilton has over 30 years’ experience in communications strategy and business operations management. Over the course of her career, Ms. Hamilton has worked in entrepreneurial settings, the nonprofit sector, within the corporate nexus of the National Football League, and at Columbia University running operations for the Honorable David N. Dinkins over his last eight years of life. David N. Dinkins was the 106th and first African-American Mayor of New York City, he was also a founding Board Member of LIATI Group, LLC.

Lynda’s experience includes communications strategy development, organizational crises message-management, innovating new digital processes from previously analog- based methodologies to ensure compliance across channels, as well as rebranding and realigning existing websites and events. An example of this is the David N. Dinkins Leadership & Public Policy Forum, which had existed for more than a decade as a day- long, academic lecture held at the School of International & Public Affairs; with her first year in office, Lynda reimagined the event as an annual campus-wide, public-facing asset, hosted by Columbia University’s President, live streamed across three channels and covered by local press, featuring presenters from across the political spectrum including the iconic Congressman John Lewis.

Lynda excels at problem-solving and rebooting. She enjoys collaborating with strong teams to innovate efficient outcomes and consistent communications that accurately represent a client’s business objectives with new elegance. Ms. Hamilton earned a degree in Social Psychology at New York University and is a proud resident of Harlem USA.