Michael J. Gahan

Mr. Gahan joined LIATI in the fall of 2019 as Head of Sales and Distribution and was asked to join the Board of Directors of the firm in Jan 2020.

Mr. Gahan began his career at Citicorp Scrimgeour Vickers and then went to Cantor Fitzgerald. He worked in high yield. While working in high yield, he developed the idea that the leveraged loan market needed liquidity to grow and thrive. He put this idea to work by developing the trading infrastructure for bank debt as an instrument that could be traded. This evolved into the leveraged loan market. Mr. Gahan put this architecture to work and founded the first high yield trading desk on the Street. Mr. Gahan left that desk in 2018 and began to invest in private projects, including in renewable energy projects for commercial/ industrial companies, emerging pharma products/drugs, medical devices.